years of battling with mental illnesses, yoga quickly became the light at the end of a very long tunnel. She fell in love with the way the practice made her mentally feel and Felt the call to spread that passion to all who felt lost through invisible illnesses. Her first 200 hour training focused on Hatha and the deep rooted philosophies while her continuous and 300 hour trainings with Bodhi focused on Ashtanga, Inversion and staying authentic to the practice, taught her the dedication, and the skills to find her voice as an effective teacher. With a focus on fundamentals, injury prevention and modification, energy work & holistic health; Milena enjoys classes with members of all levels, now being a multiple chronic illness patient she understands more than ever how CRUCIAL adaptation and yoga for every-body-type is and the importance of providing a space where each person can find benefit, relief, and self-expression. Fueling from only the deepest love and gratitude. 

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Chanel Duncan;

Yoga has been a part of Chanel's life since the age of 12, thanks to free yoga classes given by an instructor who lived in her Queens, New York, apartment building. In 2006, she returned to yoga again while deployed overseas as an Army officer to balance her daily running and weight lifting routine. 

In 2010, her relationship with yoga completely shifted from just another source of exercise to her mental and spiritual refuge. She began regularly attending Bikram classes to rehab her shoulder after surgery and experienced the peace and euphoria that a regular practice could provide. 

Chanel believes that yoga is not only about the union of the mind, body, and soul but also the connection between yoga teacher and student. She became a teacher to foster a fun and safe space for students of all levels and backgrounds to practice. Her sequences are intelligently and intuitively woven together, providing her students with what their bodies and spirits need in that moment. 



weekly classes

These teachers sub and teach classes sporadically at Bodhi Boulder. Check the schedule for the most recent updates.

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Ahcjonta Blanton;

I would like to say that when I first started yoga, things just clicked with the first pose, but that was not the case. When I started Yoga in 2013, I did not enjoy it at first. I had always been naturally athletic and this was the first time that an activity was challenging to me, not only physically but mentally as well. The intrigue of the challenge became the driving force into my beginning of teacher training. I received my 200hr in vinyasa through Corepower a year later.

Throughout the years I have continued to seek knowledge of the connection of yoga with the human body. Since then I have also completed a Hot yoga and a yoga sculpt as well as I receiving my CPT through the National Academy of Sports Management (NASM). Yoga has not only sharpened my awareness in how I move my body on the mat, but how I choose to move throughout life.

I continue to come to my mat not only because of what is happening on a physical level, but because of the transformation that is happening beneath the surface. It has taught me grace and strength within conflict, and an unstoppable new desire to be more connected, with my body, my mind, and the world around me. In my class, you can find an upbeat flow, a heavy focus on alignment, and maybe an opportunity to get upside down, as I am a sucker for some inversion.


Shannon Ryan;


Shannon began her yoga journey in 2009 while studying abroad in Australia. As a psychology undergrad at the time she was enamored by the practice's ability to align the mental, spirit and physical. Upon her return to the states she set out to find a practice in her hometown of Washington, D that resonated with her. Fortunately it wasn't long until she landed in a Ashtanga room. After years of dabbling between Ashtanga, Rocket and Dharma yoga, Shannon completed a 200 hour training in Progressive Ashtanga Yoga and went on to study 150 hours of Rocket Yoga. Led by her passion for adventure, outdoors and desire to deepen her practice, she moved to Colorado to practice more extensively at the Yoga Workshop in 2014. Though Shannon likes to participate in a variety of activities such as climbing, mountain biking, SUPing, and backpacking she credits Ashtanga as her baseline source of strength and inspiration to challenge the body. Shannon believes the practice should instill confidence in the practitioner by liberating the body to express and opening the mind to become more receptive to the world around you.  

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Josh Lewis;

Josh is passionate about health and wellness. He found yoga 12 years ago after sustaining a major back injury during his time as a collegiate athlete. What began as a tool for him physical therapy evolved into a daily practice in both asana and mindfulness. In April of 2017, he completed his 200 hr training in Phoenix, Arizona and has been diversifying his skillsets in the yoga community of Denver for the past year. Josh has become an advocate for breaking stereotypical boundaries in the yoga world as well as sharing him wisdom and creativity in his practice. 

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Michael Peterson;

Michael is currently attending Naropa University for his MA in Contemplative Psychotherapy and Buddhist Psychology. He is a Professional Level 500-hour Kripalu Yoga Teacher and the former Director of Yoga Teacher Training for Mind the Mat Studio. He has created retreats, teacher training programs, workshops and classes for students. He also works with clients one-on-one. Michael received his initial 200-hour teaching certification from Yoga to the People in NYC and is a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance. He has been certified in Thai bodywork with the Thai Institute of Healing Arts. He holds a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Acting from Boston University and has studied dance, the Alexander Technique, and Reiki energy-work. He draws on the range of modalities to broaden and deepen the yoga experience for his students.