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Boulder 200hr Yoga Teacher Training



JUNE 9TH-30TH 2019

Monday-Saturday 6am-6pm


While there is a strong focus on asana and becoming a safe asana teacher, Bodhi is dedicated to teaching yoga philosophy and history in accurate historical contexts. This means we dive into topics including what it means to culturally appropriate, how yoga can be "exclusive,"  colonization within a historical context, and how to create a space that is welcoming to all people from different backgrounds and bodies.  We will be discussing religion, politics, body inclusivity, gender, racism, sexism, cultural appropriation, and colonization and how these things are relevant to becoming a yoga teacher. No agenda will be forced upon you, but open discussions will be had on all topics previously mentioned.

As for asana, we will spend our mornings waking up with the sun, practicing the Ashtanga Yoga Primary series to cultivate a sense of discipline and commitment in our personal asana practice.

We strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself the Primary Series before you arrive to make the most out of this training. (This means either finding a local Ashtanga teacher or practicing with videos online from someone like Kino MacGregor)

Your morning practice is followed by philosophy discussions, anatomy, and history lectures to open up the pathways towards critical thought! Our teaching style is very interactive so there are a lot of opportunities for discussion within the group. As teachers we are extremely passionate, and sometimes that does mean that we will use curse words to emphasize our thoughts. 

In the afternoon there will be courses on vinyasa style sequencing, adjustments and alignment, as well as workshops ranging from Inversions to Yoga Nidra.

**We expect great things from you. We truly want to certify teachers that are open-minded and willing to take a look at hard topics that many choose to avoid. We will not accept spiritual bypassing in this training. This means we take self-reflection seriously.

Unlike many other trainings, we prioritize time for practice teaching, including 10-20 minute mini-sequences and a longer master class at the end of the program.

Guest speakers will include but are not limited to:
Rachel Cargle @Rachel.Cargle
Dana Falsetti @NolaTrees

Please also check the Instagrams of the teachers @samseesworld @fitqueenirene @_minds_eye
to make sure you truly choose us as your teachers. 

$1,000 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit to hold your spot.

$3,000 early bird price (until 12/1/18)

$3,500 regular tuition 



Scholarships are currently on hold as we process the scholarships we have already received. Keep checking back, there may be more spots available in the new year.

DISCLAIMER: Please make sure this is something you are willing to fully commit to before registering for this program. The deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE, and all tuition paid is only half refundable (minus the deposit) if notice is given prior to 3 months in advance of the start date. Within 3 months of the start date there are NO REFUNDS. Transfers of tuition are handled on an individual basis, but please expect a transfer fee of $250 to switch into a different program. 



6-6:15am Pranayama
6:15-7:45am Led Ashtanga or Mysore Style Practice
7:45-8am Silent Meditation
9:30-11am Philosophy LECTURE (8 Limbs & Sutras)
11am-12:30pm Asana Breakdown/Student Teaching
12:30-2pm LUNCH BREAK
2-2:30pm Chanting/Sanksrit
2:30-3:30pm History/Anatomy/Subtle Body LECTURE
3:30-6pm Vinyasa Sequencing/Student Teaching/Workshops


**The schedule is subject to change due to class size and necessity, but this is the general layout of asana class and lecture times.

***Please keep in mind, this training prepares you to become a VINYASA yoga instructor, we use the Ashtanga method to develop personal practices within our students but the only school that can authorize you to teach Ashtanga is KPJAY in Mysore, India.